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2012 in Five Movements


2012. The year through a symphony of kinetic snapshots in five movements. 1. Dragon boat race on the Potomac – GO!!!!! 2. Arlington County carnival. 3. A brief interlude on the Potomac down in Alexandria. 4. The Clarendon street fest featuring a spinning class to flog health club memberships (it was better than milling crowds). 5. The Marine Corps Marathon après fini mob in Rosslyn.


Occupy DC – Freedom Plaza


The economic justice, anti-war, anti-corporate capitalism, pro-democracy demonstration in Freedom Plaza, Washington DC. A lot of tents, but not many occupiers. They were even outnumbered by the lunch hour curious. The musical accompaniment is Little By Little by UB40.

Originally published elsewhere on 6 February 2012.

The Stewart-Colbert Rally


30 Oktober 2010. The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on the National Mall. As I was with the bike, I couldn’t crawl on my belly like a reptile through the forest of legs to reach the front. But everyone has already seen what happened up on the stage (except me 😦 ). So instead, here’s the crowd that made it happen. The musical accompaniment is Love Train by The O’Jays.

Originally published elsewhere on 31 October 2010.

Vroom Vroom


Suddenly, the crickets were silenced. Birds stopped singing. Pets cowered in basements. Windows slammed shut and doors locked, while humble townsfolk hid beneath their beds. From over the horizon came the approach of an ominous rumbling. They were back. The moto hordes. And the muscular musical accompaniment is Moto Shagg by April March.

Originally published elsewhere on 28 September 2008.