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Game Viewing, South Africa

We were dropped into the African wild to survive with only our bare hands, fleet feet, gnashing teeth, a jeep and a ranger. Twenty-four hours amongst the beasts. Of the eight that went in, only nine of us returned. The locale: Schotia Reserve and Addo Elephant National Park.The musical accompaniment is Sing Sing Sing (with a Swing) by Louis Prima.
Originally published elsewhere on 4 February 2012.

South Africa Safari – Kinetic Snapshots

Armed to the teeth with digital cameras, we rolled into the African bush – Schotia Reserve and Addo Elephant National Park. Few expected to emerge uneaten. And thus we were treated to a pride of lions, a pair of rhinos, herds of elephants, a parade of giraffes and assorted bovines. And the roar of a wild, wild wind. For some reason, they wouldn’t let us climb down from the rover to pet the hungry lions.
Originally published elsewhere on 1 November 2011.

Safari Sauvage – Basleland


In the deepest, darkest jungles of Switzerland, lies the lost canton of Basleland. Here live a primitive Stone Age people, who speak a strange language called yodeling. It was rumoured that they worshiped the chicken dragon. Eventually, an expedition was mounted to find proof. First, it was necessary to traverse the relentless Suisse Desert, before fording rivers, hauled by great indigenous beasts. After several months, a lone survivor of this ill-fated safari stumbled out of the jungle clutching this film. The musical accompaniment is One Step Beyond by Madness.

Originally published elsewhere on 20 November 2007.

Safari Sauvage – Malaga, Spain


Perched on the southern coast of the Iberian peninsula is mythical Andalusian city of Malaga. Birth place of Pablo Picasso, who painted the world reknown masterpiece, Dogs Playing Poker. From the towering heights of the Alcazaba, one can look down. Then there’s a cathedral short one tower because they gave the money to rabble rousers in a British colony on the other side of the Atlantic – and looked how that turned out. Upon arrival, dangers won’t cease with lost luggage at the airport. Illegal Moroccan immigrants posing as seminary students from the alpine region of France attempt to fleece unsuspecting naifs of their dwindling Euros. The musical accompaniment is Quijote by by Olivia Ruiz.

Originally published elsewhere 16 July 2006.